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Puppy Teeth & Baby Teeth, the teething problem!

“TUI” My wife, Dr. Faucheu and I recently got a new puppy: Tui a Golden Doodle mixed with a Labradoodle who will go on to become a Therapy Dog to be used in our dental offices.  While I have had dogs before I got them back in college 10+ years ago so I was a […]

Newsletter – August 2014

Newsletter Dear Valued Forney Wellness Patient, We want to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback we received on our first newsletter! We feel this is a great way for us to communicate with all of our patients regarding changes, improvements, upgrades, and staff additions. In case you missed our first newsletter, here is […]

Newsletter – June 2014

NEWSLETTER Dear Forney Wellness Patient, Welcome to the first edition of the Forney Wellness newsletter!  You have likely seen many changes within our practice over the last three years.  We have been working hard on developing a newsletter that will provide valuable information to all of our wonderful patients enabling us to keep you informed […]

Sweets: The Good, The Bad and the Toxic

There are moments in life that can really pull you off track from improving your health; birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, you name it.  Why do we get derailed during these occasions?  Because most of the sweet treats Americans “celebrate” with are like gateway drugs that open the door to poor dietary habits and chronic disease.  The […]

Has Your Immune System Gone on Strike?

How’s your immune system holding up this year?  Is the stuffy head cold you got last month STILL hanging on even though you’ve drunk your weight in cold medicine and taken a couple rounds of antibiotics?  What are you doing wrong?  First of all, food (real food), really is the best medicine – eating natural whole […]

Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice… for junk food?

  I once had a patient tell me that eating a bag of potato chips was worth having diabetes and injecting insulin every day.  My thought was, “Seriously?  Are potato chips really worth dying for”? How can this mentality even exist? It exists because processed foods in the standard American diet aren’t just unhealthy, they’re addictive.  They are […]

Are you stressed out?

  The answer will always be “yes”, whether you like it or not. It’s the nature of the beast, living in this fast-paced society. We can’t avoid it, but learning how to manage it is critical to your health and well-being. Remember stress is something that happens inside you, not to you (for example; the […]

America The Broken Hearts Club

  Did you know that every U.S. calendar month is dedicated to at least one chronic disease? The purpose, naturally, is to bring awareness to the American public, which increases support and funding for clinical studies and drug research. Yet, in spite of new drugs and media attention, the incidence of chronic disease continues to […]

Detoxification – Out With The Old and In With The New

  Whew… the holidays are over. How did you fare? Even the most devoted health nut can fall off the “wellness wagon” during the holiday season. The phrase “out with the old and in with the new” resonates with most of us at the start of the new year and detoxification is the physiological way […]