Ask Your Forney Dentist: Causes & Cures for Bad Breath

Everyone wants to be remembered, but being known for your bad breath isn’t likely what you had in mind.

A lot of people are self-conscious when it comes to their breath, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. There are a lot of causes for bad breath, or halitosis, but there is also a range of cures that can take care of the problem.

As the weather turns cold in Forney, don’t let your bad breath ruin a perfectly romantic snowball fight or kiss under the mistletoe! Here are some tips for combating bad breath, so you can get back to spreading holiday cheer.

Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene

Food particles and other debris can break down in your mouth and, as they do, release a less than pleasant odor. Your first line of defense against this form of bad breath is to brush for at least two minutes twice a day and make sure you floss daily.

When you brush, take a moment to scrape and brush the surface of your tongue as well, as bad breath causing bacteria can cling to its surface. And don’t forget to follow it up with a quick rinse using mouthwash.

Watch Your Diet

Certain foods and beverages automatically up the halitosis factor, including onions, garlic, and coffee. Often, brushing and flossing can keep this at bay, as well as chewing sugar-free gum after every meal. Drinking plenty of water can also help, especially after meals.

Low-carb diets can also cause bad breath, especially when used for weight loss, as certain chemicals, known as ketones, are produced during the fat-burning state of ketosis. These substances can cause a foul odor, and it isn’t remedied by brushing and flossing alone. Often, the only way to stop this form of bad breath is to modify your diet, though you can attempt to mask the effects using proper oral hygiene and sugarless gum.

Drinking plenty of water can also help. Dehydration and having a dry mouth can cause bad breath as you are less likely to produce enough saliva to neutralize acids and wash away food debris or dead cells.

Don’t Use Tobacco

Smoking or using other tobacco products, like smokeless tobacco, can leave you with bad breath that isn’t easily cleaned or washed away. Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke not only coats the mouth but also gets into the lungs, creating an odor that can’t be addressed by brushing and flossing alone. And smokeless tobacco leaves a residue behind that, once it begins to break down, can cause halitosis.

See Your Dentist

Your Forney dentist can help prevent and cure many causes of bad breath. Issues like bleeding gums, tooth decay, and oral infections can cause an unpleasant odor to take over your mouth, leading to halitosis. With proper treatment, many of these problems can be handled, effectively removing the source of your bad breath. So, you don’t have to fret about your bad breath any longer. Contact your Forney dentist today to see how the proper treatment plan can help.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Great Smile!

Tis the season of love, generosity and, of course, gift-giving! While most people focus on their family and friends during the holiday season, it’s also important not to neglect taking care of yourself. The end of the year is an ideal time to treat yourself to a beautiful, radiant, and healthy smile…here’s why.

Look Your Best in Holiday Pictures (and Feel More Confident Too)

Holiday festivities are going to be in full swing soon, and that means there will be an abundance of photo opportunities. Feeling confident in your smile not only makes you more confident while you’re mingling, but also ensures you are ready to display your pearly whites for every holiday photo op.

From an in-office whitening treatment to a full smile makeover, our Forney dental office can ensure you are holiday-ready and feeling more confident, all before New Year’s Eve!

Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits

In most cases, your dental insurance benefits are designed to reset at the end of the calendar year. That means any of your unused benefits will expire on December 31st. If you’ve been holding off on a treatment, now is the perfect time to make the most of what your dental insurance has to offer, allowing you to achieve your smile goals and take advantage of everything you paid for over the course of the year.

Plus, if your proposed treatment exceeds your annual dental insurance benefits, starting now can be ideal. Then, you can use your remaining benefits from 2017 to begin and take advantage of your renewed benefits once 2018 begins. This can help keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible while allowing you to maximize your benefits for two years in a row.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Your Forney dentist has access to state-of-the-art treatment options that can help you achieve a whiter smile, straighten crooked teeth, and replace damaged or missing teeth quickly and efficiently. You can get high-quality results that will restore the appearance of your smile, allowing you to obtain your ideal look.

While the smile improvements of yesterday used to take multiple visits to your dentist, today’s cutting-edge technology can often achieve exceptional results in as little as a single visit. This means your dental treatments won’t cut into your holidays, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends during this special time of year.

We know the end of the year can be a busy time, and we want to help you make the most of your time while ensuring you get the radiant smile you deserve. So, make an appointment with your Forney dentist today to see what our office can do for you.

We Are Thankful for You, Forney!

The winter holiday season is approaching, and it feels as though Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As everyone begins to devote their time and thoughts to friends and family, we want to take a moment to express just how thankful we are for the most important people at our dental office: you.

Here are three reasons why we are grateful for you and all of our patients for making our Forney dental practice such a wonderful place to be.

  1. This Amazing Connected Community

We truly appreciate the connection with our patients and the community. You’ve stayed with us year after year and remained loyal as our business has grown, giving us the opportunity to offer additional dental services and access to improved technologies. You keep us grounded and integrated with the Forney community through various school activities and neighborhood causes and events. As a local business, your willingness to refer friends and family members to our dental practice is the biggest compliment we can receive. We enjoy being a part of your lives and this connected community.

  1. Your Giving Attitude

We were blown away by the generous nature of our patients during our donation drive to help victims of Hurricane Harvey this year. We are incredibly proud to be a part of such a giving community that cares so deeply for our neighbors, both near and far, and that is so personally invested in making the world a better place. Forney is a community of friends with remarkable, huge hearts, and we are honored to call this city home and to care for the wonderful families that live here.

  1. You Keep Us Smiling!

As your Forney dentist, we know it is technically our job to keep you and your family smiling, helping you maintain the healthy, vibrant, and beautiful smiles you all deserve. We honestly believe we have the best job in town because seeing your smiling faces coming through our door every day ensures each workday is a joy for our team and makes everything we do worthwhile. Your smiles keep us smiling, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We are incredibly thankful for all of our patients, and we hope that you all have an extraordinary holiday season.

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Forney Family

Halloween is a fun time of year for kids (and often adults!) to get dressed up in fun costumes and head out to Trick-or-Treat. While you enjoy the festivities, it’s also important to focus on safety.

Being a part of the Forney community, we just want to make sure that families and kids stay safe this Halloween. With that in mind, here are a few tips courtesy of the CDC.

Trick-or-Treat in Groups

No child should head out on the hunt for candy alone on Halloween. In most parts of the country, trick-or-treating begins after dark, and small children might not be easily spotted by drivers on the road.

Additionally, being in a pair or group, with at least one adult, ensures everyone is well-supervised. So, make it a group adventure and share the experience with friends and family members. Not only is it the safer way to go, but it can also be more fun too.

Use Reflective Tape or Clothing and Carry a Flashlight

Most trick-or-treating occurs after nightfall. To help ensure you are seen by passing drivers (especially if you or your child’s costume is predominately a dark color), use reflective tape on clothing items and bags to ensure you stand out. Carrying a flashlight is a great idea to make sure you are easy for drivers to spot you while also lighting the path ahead so you don’t trip!

Examine All Treats Before Eating

Every sweet your child collects while trick-or-treating should be closely examined before anyone (including adults!) takes a bite. Review the contents of your kid’s bag for potential choking hazards, items that may have been tampered with, or those that aren’t completely wrapped or sealed.

Homemade treats should only be accepted from people that you know well, especially if anyone in your family has a food allergy.

Use Safe Accessories

Many costumes come with items like swords and knives to complete the look. When this occurs, examine them carefully to make sure that they are an appropriate size and made of soft, flexible materials. This helps lower the risk of accidental injury to yourself, your family, and others you may pass.

Additionally, check all masks to make sure they provide a suitable amount of visibility. The ability to see out of a mask is important for you or your child to avoid tripping hazards and obstacles.

Typically, it’s always best to avoid decorative contact lenses, as they have the potential to cause serious eye injuries even in experienced contact lens wearers.

By following the recommendations above, you can help keep your family safe while enjoying everything Halloween has to offer including trick-or-treating in the Forney area!

October is Orthodontic Health Awareness Month: 5 Health Benefits of Orthodontics

October is Orthodontic Health Awareness Month! According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, “Straight teeth not only look good, they also give you a good bite…so it’s easier to bite, chew, and speak.” That means receiving proper care from an AAO orthodontist won’t just make you more confident about your smile, it can improve your health too.

In honor of this month, and to help you see how proper care can improve your wellbeing, here are five health benefits of orthodontics.

  1. Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Relief

Did you know that imbalances in your mouth can have a negative impact on other parts of your body? It’s true.

Misaligned teeth can cause anything from chronic headaches to tooth grinding to neck and shoulder pain, all of which may be relieved by treatment by an orthodontist. TMJ-related discomfort can often be alleviated with orthodontic treatments as well, making it a suitable alternative to more invasive procedures in many cases.

  1. Better Sleep

Issues with tooth and jaw alignment can also disrupt a person’s sleep, leaving them tired and unable to focus. Whether it’s the discomfort associated with bruxism (teeth grinding) that keeps them awake or exacerbation of conditions like sleep apnea, correcting alignment issues can relieve these problems, allowing you to sleep better at night.

Orthodontic treatment can also improve sinus issues, opening up constricted airways. Not only can this help you get a better night’s sleep, but it can also make it easier to breathe during the day as well.

  1. Improved Oral Hygiene

When your teeth are crowded, food particles and bacteria are more likely to become trapped between the surfaces, putting your oral health at risk. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean, helping to decrease your risk of cavities or periodontal disease. Additionally, it makes it simpler for your Forney dentist and hygienist to provide a thorough cleaning during your exams, helping to keep your mouth healthier.

  1. IBS Symptom Improvement

Conditions like IBS can be aggravated when food isn’t properly chewed before swallowing. Misalignment of the teeth can make it harder to eat, making digestive issues more intolerable. Orthodontic treatment can align your bite, improving the way you chew food. And this can help alleviate IBS symptoms or, at least, decrease their severity.

  1. Self-Esteem Boost

Having straight teeth can make you more confident in your smile, helping you feel more comfortable in social situations and improving your self-esteem. It also means you’re less likely to suppress a smile over concerns about your teeth, which can be a boon for psychological health.

In celebration of Orthodontic Health Awareness Month, consider scheduling an appointment with your Forney orthodontist today. Your whole body will thank you.


Use It or Lose It! Maximizing Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year

Did you know your dental benefits reset every year? It’s true. If your dental insurance plan, like most is on a calendar year, you will lose out on all unused benefits after December 31st.

That means this is a great time of year to take advantage of everything your dental insurance provides, especially if you have outstanding treatments. Here are just a few of the services you want to use before you lose the opportunity.

Routine Checkups

Many dental insurance plans provide coverage for two checkups a year at six-month intervals. So, if you haven’t had a cleaning in the last six months, now is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with your Forney dentist.

Getting a regular checkup ensures your teeth and gums are in tip top shape, and gives your dentist a chance to review your oral health to make sure problems aren’t developing. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a professionally cleaned and polished smile, which can have you leaving the office feeling like a more radiant, confident you.

Large Treatments

If you need more extensive dental treatments involving multiple visits, the end of the year is the perfect time to get started. This is especially true if you’ve already met your deductible and haven’t hit your annual maximum. Once your deductible is paid, your out-of-pocket expenses can decrease dramatically, making it an ideal situation for larger dental treatments.

If you’re getting close to your annual maximum, your Forney dentist can help create a plan to maximize your benefits by splitting your treatment between this year and next, allowing you to use the benefits you have remaining this year and take advantage of your renewed benefits after the new year.

This approach can help minimize out-of-pocket expenses by using your coverage in an optimal way. And, if you need more assistance with making the costs manageable, we offer financing options like Care Credit that can give you the opportunity to spread out-of-pocket costs over a time period that is manageable for you, sometimes without any interest charges.

After your dentist has reviewed your situation and developed a treatment plan, we can come up with a financial arrangement that allows you to maximize your dental insurance benefits, and achieve optimal oral health and the beautiful smile of your dreams.

Don’t let your 2017 dental benefits go to waste by making sure you use them before December 31. Schedule an appointment with your Forney dentist today to get started.

Ask Your Forney Dentist: When is the Right Time to Screen My Children for Their Orthodontic Needs?

When you think about orthodontic care for your child, you likely picture them potentially having braces or aligners as a preteen or teenager. However, there are actually several reasons why your kids should be evaluated by an orthodontic specialist much sooner, with many professionals recommending that exam take place no later than age 7. Here’s what you need to know.

Identify Issues Early

The biggest benefit of having your child evaluated by a local Forney orthodontist is to spot subtle problems that may be developing. Issues with emerging teeth and jaw growth can lead to serious, and sometimes complicated, problems down the road, so identifying them early can make intervention easier to manage.

Additionally, just because your child’s teeth appear straight or bite seems fine, there are problems that only a trained orthodontist may be able to see. Plus, monitoring your kid’s development over time can ensure any issues are treated in a timely manner or before the situation causes any discomfort to your child.

Shorten Treatment Times

At times, early treatment is less invasive and difficult than later treatment. Some issues can be corrected before they cause more serious problems, which can effectively shorten the overall orthodontic treatment time. Plus, it makes the plan less complicated, making it simpler for all parties involved in your child’s care as well as for them personally.

Better Results

In some cases, early treatment gives your Forney orthodontist the chance to achieve a better result. Some conditions can be more easily managed while the jaw and face are still growing. By having your child evaluated at a younger age, time is on your side.

Getting treatment from your Forney orthodontist can give them a chance to guide the growth of your child’s jaw, lower the risks associated with protruding front teeth, direct permanent teeth into more favorable positions, and correct potentially harmful oral habits early. Plus, it can improve the appearance of your kid’s smile and how their lips meet, giving them additional confidence throughout many of their school years.

Every child develops differently, so getting a screening done before the age of 7 ensures an orthodontic plan (if needed) is in place at the optimal time. Our goal is to help your child achieve healthy and beautiful smile in the shortest amount of time. Contact your Forney orthodontist for a consultation today.

Source: American Association of Orthodontists

Ask Your Forney Dentist: Dental Emergencies – What You Need to Know About This Leading Cause of Missed School Days for Children

Did you know toothaches that result in serious dental emergencies are the leading cause of missed school days for kids? In fact, 1 in 7 children aged 6 to 12 suffered from toothache pain within the last 6 months. Some of those toothaches resulted in diagnosing a significant issue that required immediate treatment at an emergency room or emergency dentist.

Even if the pain doesn’t signal an emergency, it can cause other issues as well. Here’s what you need to know.

The Ramifications of Dental Pain

Children miss over 51 million hours of school time every year because of dental issues and similar conditions. The pain associated with such problems is distracting for students, causing their schoolwork to suffer, and can lead to absences. One study states that children on average experience 17.7 days of pain before they are seen by an emergency dentist or taken to the ER.

Students with healthy teeth typically have better attendance rates and are more likely to pay attention in class, especially when compared to those struggling with a toothache. They may even be more inclined to participate in other school-related activities, helping them have a fuller experience during their childhood and adolescence.

What You Can Do to Help

To help you start the school year off right, review proper oral hygiene techniques with your children. Go over brushing and flossing, and make sure they stick to an ideal schedule, flossing once a day and brushing twice a day. Also, be aware of sugary or starchy foods, especially as snacks, as these can increase the risk of painful cavities.

Why Seeing Your Forney Dentist Can Help Prevent Dental Emergencies

Children aren’t always the best at articulating their needs or the nature of the pain they are feeling. The best way to ensure your child doesn’t suffer from a toothache and any serious dental issues that may be the cause is to maintain their dental health. Having a regular dental exam at least every 6 months and regular x-rays reviewed by a dentist is imperative. Scheduling a dental appointment as part of your back-to-school list is a great way to make sure your child stays on-track.

Forney Wellness offers convenient after-school appointment times, so your child doesn’t have to miss class to get their needed cleanings and screenings. Not only will you be helping your child avoid painful dental conditions, unnecessarily school absences, and costly emergency room visits – you’ll also keep them smiling!

Ask Your Forney Dentist: Sports Mouth Guards

As the beginning of the school year draws near, many children are excited to participate in their favorite fall sports. That also means it’s time for parents to get their children fitted with sports mouth guards.

But why does your child need a mouth guard? Because it can protect them from a variety of injuries one can sustain while participating in sports. Athletes are 60 times more likely to experience tooth damage when they don’t wear a mouth guard, with those involved in contact sports having a 10 percent chance of getting a tooth or jaw injury each season. Here’s what you need to know.

Mouth Guards for Protection

A mouth guard is a simple item that protects the teeth and jaw from damage related to impacts. It protects soft tissues from lacerations, reduces the chance of TMJ trauma and jaw fractures, and helps limit the risk of tooth damage related to impact or even unconscious grinding. They can even reduce the likelihood of a concussion from certain impacts.

Even with all of the benefits, nearly 84 percent of children aren’t wearing mouth guards when they play sports. And that means they are at risk.

Why a Custom Mouth Guard is Best

Some parents assume the basic mouth guards you can buy at the local store offer enough protection, but a custom fitted mouth guard from your Forney dentist is actually a much better option. Stock mouth guards that aren’t moldable can easily come loose during sports and may even fall out. They are also less comfortable than other options and tend to be bulky.

A boil and bite mouth guard purchased at a store offers a bit of a better fit, since they can be somewhat molded to your child’s teeth, but they also don’t provide the same secure fit that you can get with a custom mouth guard.

The dentist can ensure the custom mouth guard fits properly, providing the best level of protection available. This is especially true of children who wear braces or have other dental appliances, as fitting store-bought options can be a challenge in these cases.

Your Forney dentist can even create a mouth guard for your child that features some extra flare. They can be made in a variety of colors, including options that match most school sports team uniforms, allowing your child to show their school pride with every smile on the court or field.

The process of creating a custom mouth guard is fairly quick and easy, and the results offer the best protection available. If you want to learn more about custom mouth guard options, schedule an appointment with your Forney dentist today.

American Orthodontics: Made in America!

At Forney Wellness, we understand that to help you achieve your best smile it takes not only exemplary clinical skill but also quality supplies and materials! That is why we are proud that all of our orthodontics supplies are from one of the leading vendors in the country: American Orthodontics. Not only do they develop and produce some of the highest quality products available in the industry, but products are also made in America! Over 95 percent of American Orthodontics products made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Award-Winning Orthodontic Products

American Orthodontics uses state of the art technology in all of their manufacturing processes, including advanced automation and industry leading robotics. They feature an award-winning product line! In 2015 during the Orthotown Townie Choice Awards American Orthodontics won for orthodontic product excellence in the following categories:

  • Arch Wire
  • Bands
  • Bondable Buccal Tubes
  • Brackets
  • Elastic Chains
  • Elastics
  • Ligature Ties & Wire

Dedicated to the Orthodontists of Today and Tomorrow

A Diamond Corporate Partner of the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation (AAOF), American Orthodontics also supports education and research in the field of orthodontics. Their generosity provides students and Universities with the funding necessary to ensure the next generation of orthodontists are highly trained in the latest techniques, helping to ensure this respected profession continues to provide people like you with the dazzling smiles they deserve.

A Perfect Fit

As a choice dentist and orthodontist in Forney, we believe in providing everyone with exemplary oral care for all of their treatment needs. We make high-quality care a priority, working to make sure our patients have beautiful, healthy smiles they are proud to show off.

It is American Orthodontics’ dedication to quality that makes them the ideal fit for the work we do and our patients. We know we can rely on their products to help you achieve your dream of a healthier, straighter smile, and we hope you feel the same.

We are proud to partner with American Orthodontics as our preferred supplies vendor for orthodontic care, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with patients like you as we help make your dream smile a reality.