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Dental Care After Dentures

Dental Care After Dentures

Having Dentures doesn’t mean that your dental care routine will change drastically. It is still important to regularly care for and clean the gum tissue and remaining teeth in your mouth. Taking care to prioritize your dental health is always crucial. So what does dental care after dentures look like?

Remove your dentures

Dental care after dentures begins with removing your dentures daily. It is important that the tissues in your mouth get a rest from the constant pressure of wearing dentures. Taking them out nightly can help to preserve the bone volume and density in your mouth.

Clean your mouth and gums

Cleaning your remaining teeth, gums, and tongue is just as important to dental care after dentures as it was before them. Taking time twice a day to brush and floss can help to minimize bad breath, maintain your oral health, and even reduce the risk of irritation.

Soak and Clean your Dentures

The long life of your dentures can be supported by careful cleaning of your dentures. It is important when you clean them to avoid household cleaners, or abrasives like toothpaste. Instead stick to a specifically designed denture cleaner, or a gentle substitute like hand soap, and a soft bristled brush. Soaking your dentures when you are not wearing them is also important to prevent drying out, which can affect their shape. Placing them in water or a denture cleansing solution is best.

Get regular dental checks

Lastly, it is still very important that you see a dentist for regular checks, to ensure the dentures are working as they should, to give you an opportunity to seek timely repairs if there is a need, but most of all to care for your oral health.

If you need an appointment to discuss dental care after dentures, or if you just need to discuss your options, please call to make an appointment with our Forney City dental office, where we can answer any questions about dental care after dentures.

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